Audi Shark Concept Car

The era of flying cars has not yet come, but there is no doubt that it not far away either. Think of a design inspired from the streamlined shape of sharks. The Audi Shark Concept Car is an integration of aerodynamic characteristics of a shark with an airplane. In order to enhance the fun factor, the car has been developed on the concept of a flying motorcycle. Designed by Kazim Doku and taking away the auspicious Italian Desire Competition Award, the two-seater Audi Shark is a flying sportscar.

Attractive transparent lubes integrated with LED units make one feel that this concept car has jumped right from one of the future movies or from one of the BattleZone series of games. The fin shaped lower spoiler has been given to complete the aquamarine looks of this Shark Concept Car. Audi has designed this Shark concept without any wheels, evidence enough that you it would be a ready to take-off car. The interiors are designed with a more resemblance to a plane’s cockpit. Sporty seats are meant to keep the driver, or you may call a ‘pilot’ comfortable while the car glides through the air. Audi has made a unique futuristic statement with this Shark Concept.



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