Audi R-Zero Concept Car

The Audi R-Zero Concept Car is actually the work of the transport designer and with two designers who design the car from the place of the International Design School, France.   The Audi R- zero is basically the electric car that makes people to play and enjoy the beauty of it. This type of car is supposed to be equipped with four electric wheel motors for making it the engine.  The engine is supposed to be provided the power with the lithium that gives the 800 volt battery that is responsible for having the great power, and not below 450 watt/kg. The best part about the Audi R-Zero Concept Car is mainly the sports car and the engines are designed by the people itself.

The Audi R-Zero Concept Car is the type of car that has the foundations with the capacity of two seater sports car mainly the Bugatti, and Audi TT car. This sort of car was designed in such a fashion that would make the air to flow out and the brakes would become cool so as fasten the speed of the car. This type of car gives many of the features, characteristics, as well as the attributes, so that people would love to play with this car.



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